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Natural Alternative To Chemotherapy

If we're going to dream about a perfect cancer treatment, let's dream big.

Let's say we want an ideal variation on chemotherapy. It has to kill cancer cells, of course. But it can't harm healthy cells in any way.

If someone could develop such a treatment, these are the benefits cancer patients would enjoy…

* No fatigue
* No hair loss
* No nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhoea
* No vulnerability to infections
* No chemobrain
* No chemo resistance
* No secondary cancers caused by treatment
* No nurturing and feeding of cancer cells

That's a pretty tall order, right? A "chemo" that does no harm and eliminates cancer. But let's think even bigger. Let's say this treatment also provides additional benefits. So adverse effects would be completely replaced with healthy effects.

Are we overreaching? No.

For many patients, this ideal is a reality. Right now. Today.

Uninterrupted quality of life

Yesterday, I told you that one of the things oncologists would rather you never know about is that there's a natural alternative to chemo. It's vitamin C, taken in mega doses.

In order to reach an effective dosing level, doctors give it intravenously, just like chemo. So it's known as intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA).

As I've mentioned before, IAA kills cancer cells. But normal cells are unharmed by the treatment.

Over the years, I've told you about several promising case studies of IAA use. In one of my favourites, a 59-year-old man had run out of options. His lung cancer had spread to his brain. Doctors told him there was no more they could do. Refusing to give up, the man began IAA therapy. One year later, he was cancer-free.

In another case, an HSI member named Don was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He refused chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, he immediately began IAA therapy.

When Don saw the piece I wrote about him, he sent a note detailing his experience beating prostate cancer with IAA. And he included some insights…

"Vitamin C supports tissue repair whereas radiation damages tissues. Vitamin C supports the immune system whereas most chemotherapy depresses the immune system and people become more susceptible to other infections.

"Vitamin C helps the body to detoxify 'foreign' chemicals which includes the breakdown products of dead cancer cells. Most people can continue with their normal routine on the days between IAA treatments which is certainly a plus."

That's a huge plus! It's quality of life – something most cancer patients have to give up when chemo begins.

Unfortunately, IAA research progresses slowly. It's a matter of economics. Vitamin C can't be patented. So no supplement or drug company will devote the millions of dollars it would take to mount multiple human trials.

It's deplorable that such an ordinary detail would stand between patients and a therapy that could save their lives with dignity.

Two years ago, a laboratory study concluded that IAA has the potential to wipe out pancreatic cancer. Can you imagine? This is one of the most deadly cancers. It's devastating. But think how remarkable it would be if the day came when doctors might shrug off that diagnosis. "Oh it's just pancreatic cancer. We can take care of that with IAA."

But you don't have to wait for further research. More and more naturopathic doctors are offering IAA and other IV nutrient therapies.